PHAESUN - Temperatursensor Steca PA TS10 für PR

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DCL Voltage Converter The DCL extends the functionality of the DCS by adding excess energy... mehr
Produktinformationen "PHAESUN - Temperatursensor Steca PA TS10 für PR"
DCL Voltage Converter The DCL extends the functionality of the DCS by adding excess energy management functionality that provides usable energy that would normally be wasted because the battery cannot accept the extra solar energy. With DCL it is possible to charge a second battery with excess energy. This is widely used in mobile-homes and boats which often have a battery for the solar system and a second battery for starting the engine. Another typical application is to power a small fan for air exchange on a boat powered only with excess energy. Only your imagination limits the number of possible applications. CXM Remote Display Phocos CXM can be used in combination with Phocos CXN series charge controllers via interface connector. Phocos CXM remote display is designed to display panel current, load current and battery voltage of your PV system as true values and status values like charging, overload, low voltage disconnect as symbols. Additional you can display several values of CXN's data logger of the past 7 days as Ah, SOC, battery voltage (morning, evening). This provides you more detailed information of your PV system. BCM Battery Charger BCM is an innovative charger for AA-Size rechargeable NiMeH and NiCd batteries. It is specially designed for application in PV solar systems. In addition, it can be used together with any 12V batteries.

Sensor mit Kabel für PR Regler und MPPT

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